The Guardians of Hope believes in changing the lives of all who come in contact with us. We desire life-long relationships with missionaries, communities, volunteers, and donors. We believe in connecting people who want to help with those in need. Working alongside local missionaries, we give hope to the hopeless by providing water, education, homes to orphans and so much more.

  • Missionaries:

    Missionaries are a vital part of our organization. The Guardians of Hope believes in the value of local, hard-working missionaries. We rely on these men and women to partner with us in selecting projects and building relationships with communities. It is our goal to identify missionaries with a positive vision for their communities and provide the support they need to make a difference.

  • Communities:

    The Guardians of Hope is striving for long-lasting change. Our work is designed to bring hope to communities one life at a time. Whenever possible, we invest directly in the community. We believe in the importance of personal relationships between the Guardians and the people we serve.

  • Volunteers:

    Our volunteers are the Guardians direct connection to communities in need across the globe. Volunteering is a selfless, life-changing act. The Guardians of Hope believes in blessing the volunteer and the recipient. There are few greater joys in life than taking a trip across the world to bring hope to the hopeless. Volunteer with us.

  • Donors:

    The Guardians of Hope cannot fulfill our mission without donors. Donating to the Guardians is not just about giving funds. It’s an invitation to join a family that stretches across the globe. Donating is another means to connect people and build relationships. We need more than money to change lives. Donors are encouraged to volunteer and see their impact firsthand.


As long as hopelessness persists, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.