Sponsor a Child. Change a Life.

Through New Hope Children’s Village, the Guardians of Hope is giving orphans of Zambia the family and future they deserve.  Supporting the children who live at NHCV costs, on average, $3,500.00 per month. Ensuring these children have all their basic needs, plus items that enrich their lives, is why the Guardians of Hope relies on the community around us.

How You Can Help – Become a Sponsor:

The purpose of New Hope Children’s Village is to give the children a family, and as a sponsor you are part of that family. You will have the chance to connect with not only the child you sponsor, but all the children. As a sponsor, you will get to watch the children grow and learn more about them through. That’s our commitment to you.

There is no set cost to becoming a sponsor. Any amount you feel led to donate on a monthly basis to a child or children greatly supports their needs. There is no amount too small. When you sponsor a child who calls NHCV home you will change their life, but you may also change your own.

Sponsor Connections:

• Monthly videos
• Letter exchanges
• Chat boards
• Quarterly Facebook lives

Children in need of Sponsorship
Each child needs a minimum of $350 per month of financial support. You can sponsor any child, even if they are being 100% supported. Any additional sponsorships will go toward furthering the well-being of that child!
Other ways to get involved
Guardians of Hope and New Hope Children's Village depend fully on generous sponsorships and donations. Here are some other ways you can help support our mission if you’re not ready to sponsor a child: