Boxes of Hope

A Guardians of Hope Ministry

Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in spreading hope and love, ensuring that the most underprivileged and hopeless children know they are not forgotten. We seek to convey care and material blessings, while also spreading the light and love of Jesus Christ to bring solace and joy to those in need.

How It Works

We want everyone who packs a box to know they can change lives through simple acts of love, and we want recipients of these boxes to know there is light and love even in the darkest of moments. Whether it’s your church, business, or family that helps us fill these boxes, each box is overflowing with hope.

After the boxes are packed and shipped, our dedicated team of volunteers travels to personally deliver each box directly to a child in need and share the gospel. We
firmly stand by the “hand to hand” delivery approach to ensure accountability and credibility.

Join us on this mission of hope!

funds raised in 2023
boxes packed in 2023
kids filled with hope!

A simple box, overflowing with hope.

With the number of orphans and children in need growing daily, we desire to reach as many as possible with the love and hope of Jesus. While striving to reach them all, we grasp the impact that just one box can make on a single child.

How It All Started

Our tight-knit group began by assembling shoe boxes more than a decade ago as young teens, packing 8-10 boxes alongside friends and family. From that small start, our passion for delivering hope to orphans and underprivileged children has grown and intensified as we raise our own children. Over the years, we’ve been blessed to share this passion with friends and the community who then helped us grow the number of boxes packed, items collected, and heartfelt hope gifted worldwide.

In 2018, we held our first official packing party in a warehouse with a small group of volunteers. To our amazement, we filled just under 300 boxes. Since then, we’ve packed about 6,250 boxes and have reach that many children as well, positively impacting their lives as they received these boxes. Our annual packing party has since taken off, flourishing into an exciting, “you don’t want to miss” event that unites hundreds of volunteers, families, and children. At the event we pack, pray over, and assemble Boxes of Hope, filled with not only necessities but also joy and love for orphans and children worldwide.