About Guardians Of Hope

The Guardians of Hope began when three friends came together determined to make a difference.  Cameron Knaub, David Georgiev, and Lee Sietmann took their first trip to Zambia in September 2018, where they saw first-hand the desperate needs of impoverished communities.  They focused on two crucial problems in Zambia, the lack of clean drinking water and the overwhelming number of orphans.  The Guardians of Hope is working directly with local missionaries and community leaders to identify and invest in projects that are actually making a difference.  They are currently raising funds to dig ten wells in Eastern Zambia.  These wells will provide clean water for thousands of Zambians.  The Guardians true passion is for Zambia’s one million orphans.  They have designed a boy’s home and a girl’s home, and hope to begin construction in 2020.

The Guardians of Hope are here to make a difference.

Our Creed & Motto

In essentials, Unity. In non-essentials, Liberty. And in all things, Charity.

Our Team

Cameron Knaub
Cameron KnaubFounder
David Georgiev
David GeorgievFounder
Lee Sietmann
Lee SietmannFounder